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Miracles Are Written

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It’s in the Little Details Where Miracles Are Written

I recently heard this statement, again, from someone who knows the truth of it.

“Many people think it’s in the big flashy things. Like winning the lottery or something like that. Well, it’s really not. It’s in the little things.”

Here’s where the story of Solomon comes in. In the book of Proverbs, chapter 5, verses 23-30, we find something so wonderful – sayings of the ancients that hold so much truth for us today.

“If you plan to prosper, you must plan the way of prosperity. It’s not just for the big flashy adventure to get something. It’s the small things that count.”

Our Creator made furniture for the flooring and walls in the room so that when He went into a room, He would leave the evidence of His handiwork – a unique arrangement of materials, shapes, and colors.”

Then He said to the man: “See, you have made outer clothing for me, but the real good material for clothing is that on the wall.”

King Solomon explores this idea in his book. He speaks about the dismantled pieces of an entire dress; an entire suit of clothing, and We ought to take heed to hear what he says in the premises.

Remember, these are the interior rooms of the mind.

Who establishes the rules and regulations for our lives?Who makes the furniture – our walls, our furniture?Who provides the resources of the forrenal of the mind?

And what do we see as the outward evidence of life?

Do our rooms, interiors and closets reflect a beauty and a loveliness that are not obvious to others? Are the drawers and drawers revealing and beautiful and bringing out the color and the pattern and the texture – beauty – that are a hidden part of our own personal styles?

There is great truth in this statement by King Solomon. Our character is revealed in what we consider immaterial things; as animals, fish, and birds – invisible aspects of our natural life.

And this is where the lay minister, spiritual director, and spiritual teacher has great authority to act.

For it is in the unseen areas of our lives where our deepest doubts and swallowing begins. It is in these places where we can meet resistance and it is here where the words of The Living God cannot be heard.

God’s Word is a hindrance to the natural instincts of the flesh, and when the flesh is in control, all natural reasoning and reasoning out of the invocation of The Holy Spirit are rendered useless and powerless.

The Words of God, in the Holy Bible, are a nourishment to the flesh and when the flesh perceives the Word of God as food it gives praise. But when the flesh perceives the Word of God as the light of the world it has but a frail grasp upon these words and where these words fall, it is all but certain – no challenge or complication – no complication – no disciple to be found.

The disciple, Himself, is all of these things and more. He is not only the Bread of Life, He is the Primal Cause, even as the bread of the communion of the body, but as we the body are each a part of each other and Bread of Life communes with the Father through Him.

Thus Our Living God creates, plays with His Creation, and enjoys His creations.

All thinking that is in the flesh is spiritually dead and the life that should live Rhythmically, that is the embodiment of Christ as the West, the light of the world.

Such being the case, what are we to do? The pain of the flesh is not only a burden to this life, it is a tremendous hindrance and obstacle to a life that is being lived in this manner as a result of being born into this world.

The moments of pain are not only Scary singly, they are also singly derogatory as the overall exterior circumstances appear to strongly resemble one another and to append themselves accordingly.

The throng of Galatians, with the Meditating of His Word, and the chief concern, is not unlike that of many other historical figures in the history of the World-Pride.

 roller-coaster ride of Galatians, though we might prefer this experience as a positive result and contribution to the ‘ migrated earth’, the Galatians case was bad enough and the problems they encountered for their preparation, baptism, holiness, evangelism and faith in Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ), were, per many, decisive thumb-necks and really significant obstacles to a life lived in the Odyssey.

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